“What should I do if I want to book”

Before I am able to accept any bookings I will need to carry out a FREE Home Visit. This is to establish trust with you and your dog.

“What happens if our pet needs medical care”

If your pet needs regular medicine I am happy to administer this when I visit for no extra charge. If an emergency should occur whilst I am caring for your pet, I will of course get in touch with you immediately and take them to your preferred vet if required. All of these details will be required from you during our initial meeting

“Do we need to provide poo bags”

No I supply these and will always clean up after your dog

“How much do you charge

The charges will depend on what service you require. Please see Prices for more information

“What happens if you are ill or on holiday”

I have a team  of ladies who help me out when I’m on holiday or ill. I will always let you know when anyone other than myself is going to be walking or visiting your pet.

“Are you Insured have you been Police Checked”

Yes we are all covered by Public Liability insurance, Pet First Aid trained and DBS cleared.

“Will you need a key to our home”

Normally, yes, although if you prefer alternative arrangements this is fine too. Any keys are stored securely and anonymously

“How many times can you / do you visit”

As many times as you require

“How do we pay for Walks or a Pop In”

Payment should be made at the end of each walk or pop in as agreed at our initial Home Visit

“Will you stay over-night in my house” – (House Sit)

Yes, please refer to the services page

“How long does a ‘Pop In’ visit last”

Most requests are for a 20-30 minutes per visit

“Will you walk my dog alone”

Yes I always walk alone to give your dog my undivided attention unless more than one dog in the family

“Will you walk my dog in the rain/snow”

Yes your dog will be walked in all weather conditions

“How long are the walks”

Either a half an hour or an hour, I do not deduct time from the dog for pick up and drop off